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    The Intern’s Point of View

    Posted: 01/18/2013 Author Alicia

    We were happy to welcome our new UCF intern, Amber Perkins, last week. She’s already making a contribution, not the least of which is helping us dust off the much-neglected blog. Until she gets her own user name, I’ll post on her behalf (and no, we don’t have any say in her grade in the class, so her kind sentiments are not bribery!) – AW

    Monday, January 7 was a big day for me for two very different reasons. I turned 22, officially entering the time of my 20s where birthdays are no longer exciting and I began my first day of my internship here at Metropolis. I will have to say the latter was much more thrilling.

    The morning started off with a tour of the office followed by a brainstorming session the group always does at the beginning of the week. It was interesting to see how ideas come together during these meetings and how a collaborative effort makes all the difference. Afterward, I was put to work with my first intern tasks. Everything I’ve been assigned to work on so far has helped me grow as a student interested in the advertising and marketing industry. No boring and pointless ‘busy work’ here! Metropolis “ain’t got time for that!”

    Today marks the sixth day of my internship at Metropolis and I’ve never been more excited to wake up at 6:30 a.m. and fight morning traffic three days a week up until now. I look forward to every day of my internship because I get to sit at a fancy desk with an incredibly comfy chair in a beautiful, decked out office. Not to mention learn about what really goes on inside an advertising agency and all of the many processes required to make things happen. Those are things no class at school could ever teach me. I’m surrounded by creative minds that are funny, sarcastic and very welcoming. I think it’s safe to say I landed the best internship out of all my peers.  - Amber Perkins