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    Team Building Exercise? Social Experiment? Sounds fishy to me.

    Posted: 01/13/2012 Author Alicia

    Just about every work week at Metropolis begins with the Monday morning status meeting. The official purpose is to review each job in the shop and tentatively schedule the week’s workflow. Some meetings are more lively than others, depending on the amount of caffeine that’s been consumed, humorous stories from the weekend, and whether or not KB can successfully slip in one of his “oldie but goodie” jokes.
    One Monday in September 2010, waiting for us on the conference table was not the typical bagels or doughnuts, but our very own Betta fish. Brent thought they’d be a good way to “stir things up” and provide the occasionally much-needed stress reliever (“You need it WHEN?! Oooh, pretty fish…”).
    Kevin claimed the most colorful one, distributed the others and we each commenced with naming them and finding them a perch in our office. It was a fun idea, and some of us really embraced our new pets, purchasing upgraded fish condos, accessories, and, in KB’s case, a fully-functioning aquarium with bottom-feeders (no advertising jokes, please!).
    Having once been part-owner to a Betta named Blue Jean, I thought their lifespan was a few months, a year tops. More than once, I thought “the Beav” had gone to that big fish tank in the sky, only to realize she was just sleeping.
    She’s not the only one still kicking. Brent’s fish, “Greg Brady” has been upgraded to a MUCH larger bowl, complete with a coral reef. He’s pretty feisty – we can’t fill his water too high for fear that he’ll jump. Kevin’s fish has found some lakefront real estate and taken up with a glass fish sculpture 15 times his size. Glenn’s fish is pretty laid back, and Andrew’s fish seems to come and go – maybe he’s doing some freelance work. Only KB’s fish didn’t live out 2010, despite a few trips to the vet and some experimental treatments at Shands.
    I finally Googled “lifespan of a Betta” today and was shocked to learn they can live 4-8 years! I’m probably jinxing her by saying this, but looks like Anastasia will be a fixture on my desk for a while longer!