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    Stilettos Not Required

    Posted: 12/19/2014 Author Emily

    It was my first day of interning at Metropolis. I set aside my high top Converse shoes and put on some nude high heels. I was wearing a bright yellow blazer that matched my emotions as I walked into my first day of interning on the corner of Peachtree Road.
    I was excited and slightly nervous - I had been a hot mess all morning long. I rolled out of bed on the third alarm snooze and dropped a bagel slathered in cream cheese on my shirt. I ran out the door, stockings in one hand, sandwich bag in the other and got into my car only to see that aggravating orange light on “empty.” (I have to admit this is a reoccurring habit with me.) I was slightly overwhelmed and felt like punching the steering wheel like they do in all the romantic comedy movies.
    After a gas station visit, a battle through the downtown traffic and a calming phone call from my mother, I had made it. I was a big girl and I had the heels, stockings and almost punctual behavior to prove it.
    As I rode up the elevator to the second floor, my mind started wandering. “What if they don’t like me?” “What if they make me go get them coffee, dust their plant fixtures and rearrange their pencil collections?” All valid thoughts! I was first greeted by Kevin, who welcomed me with a warm smile. I looked down only to realize he was wearing Converse. I giggled my nervous laugh and said “nice shoes.” I quickly realized this was no ordinary dry cubical space and these were no ordinary business people. Alicia took me under her wing and gave me a tour and introduced me to the rest of the staff. I saw pictures on desks of kids, pets and families. There were tons of stories to be told, and I was intrigued to learn more.
    I loved the way that everyone communicated so openly and honestly. It seemed like I just walked in on a close-knit family and it also seemed like they were excited to have me. With my graphic design and entrepreneurial interests in mind, I was put to work right away. Just in the first couple of days I performed a wide spectrum of tasks. From social media posts, to copy editing, to my favorite - designing the Holiday e-card. I was living the intern dream and it was just in time to have a bunch of bragging material for the family holidays.
    I feel lucky to have this opportunity and can’t wait to continue growing and learning here at Metropolis.