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    Practice What You Preach

    Posted: 01/05/2015 Author Alicia

    Remember the show, Will & Grace? Aside from two of my all-time favorite TV characters, Karen Walker (aka Anastasia Beaverhausen) and Beverley Leslie, the thing that most stood out to me was the episode in which they showed the inside of Grace’s apartment. Her character was an interior designer, and this was not what you’d expect from someone in her line of work. Art and decorative objects were still in boxes. The floors were bare. The storyline was that she was so busy making other people’s spaces perfect, that she never got around to her own space.
    I’m reminded of Grace and her neglected apartment every time we open a job to update the website of “a certain agency which shall remain nameless,” just to realize six months later that we haven’t gotten around to it. We’re fortunate to be busy designing other people’s websites that we aren’t able to spend time on our own.
    When I realize the blog hasn’t been updated since the 90s, I tell myself that we’re too busy. Then, I advise a client, “Don’t put up a blog or social media account and neglect it. That’s worse than not having one at all.”
    It’s a new year. We’re motivated, energized - and holding ourselves accountable to regularly updating our blog and our website (check out the new creative we’ve just added to our portfolio!). It’s right here in black and white – this won’t be the last post of 2015. How could we deprive our friends in cyberspace of our musings about life, design and the latest episode of The Black List?