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    Politics as usual…

    Posted: 01/20/2012 Author Brent

    As another political year is well underway, I just wanted to share some thoughts. We can never forget that all the posturing, all the clamoring for attention, all the advertising being spent is about one thing only…you.

    It has never been more important that we as individuals take the time to get involved in the election process. Volunteer, communicate your feelings, educate yourself and take action…VOTE.

    Washington is counting on the vast majority of Americans to sit on the sidelines and not care. Freedom and the political process is a right of every American, it is also a responsibility and a civic duty.
    Remember, if you don’t get involved and take action, your frustration for the process or distain for a particular politician means nothing. It’s about issues and our future.


    Here’s to putting an X where your mouth is.