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    Brittany Hill

    The Rise of Online Videos

    Posted: 06/02/2017 Author Brittany Hill

    Do you ever feel like you’re constantly surrounded by video? Whether it’s one of those infamous recipe videos or cute baby animal videos, video content and YouTube, in particular, is on the rise. According to Luan Wise, a contributor to the online education website, Lynda.com, 1 billion hours of YouTube content is consumed every day. And just to put that into perspective, a single person could only watch 1 billion hours if they had 100,000 years to do so! That’s a LOT of baby animal videos.

    How is this enormous amount of video watching being accomplished? Two words, mobile devices. Currently, 70% of YouTube content is seen on mobile devices and only 30% is seen on a desktop computer. YouTube reports that 100% of their mobile device consumption increases per year. And the core audience for all of this video consumption is ages 16-34 years old and seems to be slightly more male populated.

    And it seems that online videos aren’t just for entertainment either. According to Forbes, 75% of executives in the workforce watch work-related video on business websites at least once a week. (I guess it’s not all animal and recipe videos after all).

    Online videos are proving to be a promising method of reaching millions of people nowadays. YouTube itself has now been ranked the second most popular search engine. So if you’re looking for widespread and consistent exposure, videos may be the way to go.


    Can A Font Make You Look Cheap?

    Posted: 11/02/2015 Author kb

    Photo of Sarah Hydman's type and cost survey system
    An article posted on the “AIGA Eye on Design” site asks whether or not a font (typeface) choice can make a product or service appear either “cheap” or “luxurious”. Using information from a recent survey by author and typographer, Sarah Hyndman, the article attempts to answer that question, but as the text progresses there are even more questions raised than answered—at least as far as I am concerned.

    Putting aside my personal bias against the misuse of the word “font” as a replacement for “typeface”, I find fault in the experiment itself in that it tests the typefaces out of any design context. While it is certainly true that some faces—Comic Sans or Papyrus come to mind—will make a design look cheap, even a “luxurious” face like Hoefler & Co.’s “Didot” (picked as the “diamond of all fonts” in the survey) can’t save a design that is badly done.

    Madeleine Morley, the article’s author seems to reach the same conclusion: “Perhaps the overall quality that creates a sense of luxury isn’t necessarily based on font characteristics, but rather the skill and craftsmanship behind the rendering of a final design.”

    Typefaces are like anything else in our society; influenced by the culture’s zeitgeist, typeface’s fall in and out of favor with designers and the public. But to try to decide a face’s worth in the vacuum of a survey makes for nothing more than an interesting read and perhaps a source of debate among typophiles.(more…)


    A Few Updates From Our Intern

    Posted: 04/22/2013 Author Alicia

    Posting on behalf of our UCF Intern, Amber, again. One day, we’ll get around to setting up an account for her, but until then….

    As the spring semester comes to a close for me, I’m excited to announce that my internship here at Metropolis will not do the same just yet. I’ve been welcomed aboard for summer and couldn’t be more thrilled to continue learning the ropes of the world of advertising from the Metropolis team. With that, Monday morning status meetings are going to get just a little more interesting here. Starting next Monday I’ll be given the task of presenting a few of the latest “what’s hot” trends in the design and digital world that we should all be made aware of.

    Speaking of what’s hot, have you checked out the Metropolis Instagram account yet? Follow us! 

    And better late than never, shoutout to Metropolis for taking home two ADDY awards at this year’s Orlando Addys. Website design for Green Coat Catering and graphics for Marriot Vacation Worldwide’s bell-ringing at the New York Stock Exchange both took silver.


    The Intern’s Point of View

    Posted: 01/18/2013 Author Alicia

    We were happy to welcome our new UCF intern, Amber Perkins, last week. She’s already making a contribution, not the least of which is helping us dust off the much-neglected blog. Until she gets her own user name, I’ll post on her behalf (and no, we don’t have any say in her grade in the class, so her kind sentiments are not bribery!) – AW

    Monday, January 7 was a big day for me for two very different reasons. I turned 22, officially entering the time of my 20s where birthdays are no longer exciting and I began my first day of my internship here at Metropolis. I will have to say the latter was much more thrilling.

    The morning started off with a tour of the office followed by a brainstorming session the group always does at the beginning of the week. It was interesting to see how ideas come together during these meetings and how a collaborative effort makes all the difference. Afterward, I was put to work with my first intern tasks. Everything I’ve been assigned to work on so far has helped me grow as a student interested in the advertising and marketing industry. No boring and pointless ‘busy work’ here! Metropolis “ain’t got time for that!”

    Today marks the sixth day of my internship at Metropolis and I’ve never been more excited to wake up at 6:30 a.m. and fight morning traffic three days a week up until now. I look forward to every day of my internship because I get to sit at a fancy desk with an incredibly comfy chair in a beautiful, decked out


    Get Real!

    Posted: 04/05/2012 Author Alicia

    Most of us here at Metropolis will readily admit to a few ‘reality show guilty pleasures.’ With the breadth of topics out there, it was just a matter of time before someone came out with a show about advertising agencies. “The Pitch” premiers this month on AMC – It’s basically a behind-the-scenes look at two competing agencies facing off to pitch for the same account, complete with all the melodrama and infighting that keeps us tuned in.

    There’s been a lot of press lately about the “big agencies” shying away from the show. The reason: they don’t want to reveal their proprietary methods (the dreaded “Secret Sauce” phrase. Urgh).

    Please! There is no “secret formula” to good work. What we enjoy about our jobs is the challenge of solving a client’s problems, identifying what makes them unique and communicating it clearly. There are many ways to go about this, and everyone has their own ways of getting there, but effective creative stems from good ideas.

    So, while you won’t be tuning in to see anyone from Metropolis flipping tables or racing through the back roads of Budapest on your flat screen anytime soon, you’re more than welcome to stop by and take part in a brainstorming session with us. We have a pretty good time and generally come up with some great inspiration. What’s in our “secret sauce?” Bad jokes and caffeine, for starters!

    Here’s a link to a sneak preview of “The Pitch.”

    Just for giggles, match your favorite


    Pets, Our Salvation?

    Posted: 01/20/2012 Author Brent

    Recently I lost a family pet. It was tragic and made a huge impact on me.

    Now that I have had some time to heal, I have become retrospective of the whole process. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the opportunity to share our lives with these wonderful creatures? The unquestioning love, the silly tricks, the cookie obsession, they all weave a rich and complex relationship with our psyche.

    Sometimes we question if a pet is worth it with a torn up, expensive shoe or another puddle on the carpet, but these are small prices to pay for the rewards we get back.

    Pets are good for the human condition, we have lived side by side with animals from the dawn of time and for good reason, that makes us whole.

    I’m all about ROI– Return on Investment…If you have the time, resources and compassion to invest in a pet, I guarantee the return will be great.

    Adopt a pet, save life. Who knows? You may even live longer too.

    Thanks Thor…miss you.



    Politics as usual…

    Posted: 01/20/2012 Author Brent

    As another political year is well underway, I just wanted to share some thoughts. We can never forget that all the posturing, all the clamoring for attention, all the advertising being spent is about one thing only…you.

    It has never been more important that we as individuals take the time to get involved in the election process. Volunteer, communicate your feelings, educate yourself and take action…VOTE.

    Washington is counting on the vast majority of Americans to sit on the sidelines and not care. Freedom and the political process is a right of every American, it is also a responsibility and a civic duty.
    Remember, if you don’t get involved and take action, your frustration for the process or distain for a particular politician means nothing. It’s about issues and our future.


    Here’s to putting an X where your mouth is.



    16 Years in the Making….

    Posted: 01/20/2012 Author Brent

    Thanks for checking out Metropolis’ new website. We’re super excited about everything that is going on here at the agency and are ready for 2012 to be a banner year.

    Our new website will help you keep up to date on all the things going on. You’ll find new blogs, personality profiles, agency news and a whole lot of examples of how we solve problems for our clients.

    So tell your friends, tell your plumber, the new site is up and better than ever.

    Props to all of our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Many thanks.


    Team Building Exercise? Social Experiment? Sounds fishy to me.

    Posted: 01/13/2012 Author Alicia

    Just about every work week at Metropolis begins with the Monday morning status meeting. The official purpose is to review each job in the shop and tentatively schedule the week’s workflow. Some meetings are more lively than others, depending on the amount of caffeine that’s been consumed, humorous stories from the weekend, and whether or not KB can successfully slip in one of his “oldie but goodie” jokes.
    One Monday in September 2010, waiting for us on the conference table was not the typical bagels or doughnuts, but our very own Betta fish. Brent thought they’d be a good way to “stir things up” and provide the occasionally much-needed stress reliever (“You need it WHEN?! Oooh, pretty fish…”).
    Kevin claimed the most colorful one, distributed the others and we each commenced with naming them and finding them a perch in our office. It was a fun idea, and some of us really embraced our new pets, purchasing upgraded fish condos, accessories, and, in KB’s case, a fully-functioning aquarium with bottom-feeders (no advertising jokes, please!).
    Having once been part-owner to a Betta named Blue Jean, I thought their lifespan was a few months, a year tops. More than once, I thought “the Beav” had gone to that big fish tank in the sky, only to realize she was just sleeping.
    She’s not the only one still kicking. Brent’s fish, “Greg Brady” has been upgraded to a MUCH larger bowl, complete with a coral reef. He’s pretty feisty – we can’t fill his