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    Are You For Real?

    Posted: 11/01/2017 Author Brent

    Are you for real?

    With the advent of fake news, knock off shoes and shrinking brand loyalty, never before has being real to your customers been so important. Real is more than just fulfilling the obligatory…“thank you come again”. Its building trust, confidence and value in everything you do. Think long-term in each transaction…

    Deliver on your promise

    Never over promise—instead over deliver

    Provide quality products and services

    Back up your products and services with reasonable guarantees with a focus on customer satisfaction

    Don’t follow the leader…be original, different, unique

    Never mislead in your marketing materials and advertising message

    Take complaints seriously and act on them immediately

    Keep your inventory or services fresh and up-to-date

    Follow these basics of business and you’ll always have real customers at your door.


    Brittany Hill

    The Rise of Online Videos

    Posted: 06/02/2017 Author Brittany Hill

    Do you ever feel like you’re constantly surrounded by video? Whether it’s one of those infamous recipe videos or cute baby animal videos, video content and YouTube, in particular, is on the rise. According to Luan Wise, a contributor to the online education website, Lynda.com, 1 billion hours of YouTube content is consumed every day. And just to put that into perspective, a single person could only watch 1 billion hours if they had 100,000 years to do so! That’s a LOT of baby animal videos.

    How is this enormous amount of video watching being accomplished? Two words, mobile devices. Currently, 70% of YouTube content is seen on mobile devices and only 30% is seen on a desktop computer. YouTube reports that 100% of their mobile device consumption increases per year. And the core audience for all of this video consumption is ages 16-34 years old and seems to be slightly more male populated.

    And it seems that online videos aren’t just for entertainment either. According to Forbes, 75% of executives in the workforce watch work-related video on business websites at least once a week. (I guess it’s not all animal and recipe videos after all).

    Online videos are proving to be a promising method of reaching millions of people nowadays. YouTube itself has now been ranked the second most popular search engine. So if you’re looking for widespread and consistent exposure, videos may be the way to go.


    Serif v. Sans Serif Typefaces:  Battle of The Fonts

    Posted: 04/28/2015 Author Brittany

    The serif vs. sans serif typeface debate has been a long and exhaustive one, with advocates for each side proposing numerous theories for why theirs is the better typographic solution.  We often have clients request one or the other, citing legibility concerns.  In these cases, we endeavor to educate them about the facts so we can come up with the best presentation of information possible. 

    Most of the argument centers on readability and legibility. Many people believe that sans serif text can be more easily comprehended than serif type designs.

    Serifs are the small projections finishing off a stroke from certain letters and symbols.

    Sans Serif is a typeface that has no serif, or projection, at the end of letters and symbols.

    Though there could be an argument to be made that sans serif may be easier to read on a digital medium, there has been little research to suggest that sans serif is more reader-friendly in the print medium.

    Metropolis V.P. and Creative Director, Kevin Boynton teaches a class on Fundamentals of Typography at Valencia College.  He tells us that there have been many type readability studies that have found that the two types are virtually the same when it comes to reader cognition. Though he does note that a sans serif may be better suited for the digital world due to technical issues, there are types with heavier serifs that make reading on a screen a user-friendly experience similar to sans serif.

    There has been some research to suggest


    Stilettos Not Required

    Posted: 12/19/2014 Author Emily

    It was my first day of interning at Metropolis. I set aside my high top Converse shoes and put on some nude high heels. I was wearing a bright yellow blazer that matched my emotions as I walked into my first day of interning on the corner of Peachtree Road.
    I was excited and slightly nervous - I had been a hot mess all morning long. I rolled out of bed on the third alarm snooze and dropped a bagel slathered in cream cheese on my shirt. I ran out the door, stockings in one hand, sandwich bag in the other and got into my car only to see that aggravating orange light on “empty.” (I have to admit this is a reoccurring habit with me.) I was slightly overwhelmed and felt like punching the steering wheel like they do in all the romantic comedy movies.
    After a gas station visit, a battle through the downtown traffic and a calming phone call from my mother, I had made it. I was a big girl and I had the heels, stockings and almost punctual behavior to prove it.
    As I rode up the elevator to the second floor, my mind started wandering. “What if they don’t like me?” “What if they make me go get them coffee, dust their plant fixtures and rearrange their pencil collections?” All valid thoughts! I was first greeted by Kevin, who welcomed me with a warm smile. I looked down only to realize he was wearing Converse. I giggled my nervous laugh and said “nice shoes.” I quickly realized this was no ordinary dry cubical space and these were no ordinary business people.


    Keep it Real

    Posted: 10/21/2013 Author Amber

    Last month, Thai communications provider TrueMove H released a truly touching commercial that plays out like a short-film rather than a typical advertisement. The three-minute ad follows the story of a young boy caught stealing medicine for his sick mother and a kind man who pays for the stolen goods to keep him out of trouble. Fast forward some time, the kind man falls ill and is in the hospital racking up some steep medical bills. The one who does the saving this time is the same boy, now a doctor, who covers the costs. It ends with the TrueMove H logo and a simple message: “Giving is the best communication.”
    If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! View it here!

    When watching it, we don’t realize right away we’re actually watching an advertisement. We become so immersed in the story that we’re almost caught off guard when the logo appears at the very end. This seems to be a trend lately among major brands, and I like the approach a lot. The latest GoPro commercial, also released last month, is made entirely of real footage of a fireman reviving an injured kitten after a house fire. Google’s most recent commercial features the story of Saroo Brierley and his journey to finding his Indian hometown using Google Earth 25 years after he was orphaned at a train station. You wouldn’t know it was an ad for Google until the logo flashes at the very end. Watch it here.

    People trust the opinions of other people, and that trust influences the decisions made when


    Spam it!

    Posted: 08/14/2013 Author Brent

    Usually around this time of year, we proudly share our annual ranking on the OBJ’s Top Advertising Agencies list. We’ve been ranked in the top 10 pretty consistently for a number of years.
    Until now. No, we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, we’re still here in College Park, working away and enjoying the view of Lake Concord. And no, the agency hasn’t been sold to the highest bidder by one of our auctioneer clients. Far less exciting….the call for entries was tagged as ‘spam’ and was lost in the great abyss otherwise known as the Outlook Spam Folder.
    Yep, the true spam e-mails hawking the 30-Day Cleanse, Nursing Degrees and Match.com make it through about 30% of the time, but unfortunately one we look forward to every year did not.
    So just a post to say ‘hi,’ in case you missed us and to let you know to look for us in the Book of Lists this winter (the kind folks at OBJ have offered to let us submit our entry so we can be properly counted).


    Beardvertising: A New Form of Advertising

    Posted: 05/29/2013 Author Amber

    After a 10-day hiatus from my internship and the city of Orlando, I’ve returned from my road trip to St. Louis and Chicago and am back in action. Everyone loves a nice break from reality but I’m happy to be back in the “Sunshine State.”

    As I was browsing some of my favorite websites for interesting industry-related news, I came across a very peculiar marketing strategy developed by Kentucky advertising agency, Cornett-IMS. Introducing Beardvertising! Created by Whit Hiler of Cornett-IMS, Beardvertising involves people with awesome beards to get paid up to five dollars a day for hanging a BeardBoard, which is a mini-billboard clip, in their beard. Yes, this is real. So far A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive are using Beardvertising. Maybe some of the men of Metropolis will consider joining the Beardvertising network. After all, look how snazzy they look with beards!




    Check out the Beardvertising website to learn more.


    A Few Updates From Our Intern

    Posted: 04/22/2013 Author Alicia

    Posting on behalf of our UCF Intern, Amber, again. One day, we’ll get around to setting up an account for her, but until then….

    As the spring semester comes to a close for me, I’m excited to announce that my internship here at Metropolis will not do the same just yet. I’ve been welcomed aboard for summer and couldn’t be more thrilled to continue learning the ropes of the world of advertising from the Metropolis team. With that, Monday morning status meetings are going to get just a little more interesting here. Starting next Monday I’ll be given the task of presenting a few of the latest “what’s hot” trends in the design and digital world that we should all be made aware of.

    Speaking of what’s hot, have you checked out the Metropolis Instagram account yet? Follow us! 

    And better late than never, shoutout to Metropolis for taking home two ADDY awards at this year’s Orlando Addys. Website design for Green Coat Catering and graphics for Marriot Vacation Worldwide’s bell-ringing at the New York Stock Exchange both took silver.


    The Intern’s Point of View

    Posted: 01/18/2013 Author Alicia

    We were happy to welcome our new UCF intern, Amber Perkins, last week. She’s already making a contribution, not the least of which is helping us dust off the much-neglected blog. Until she gets her own user name, I’ll post on her behalf (and no, we don’t have any say in her grade in the class, so her kind sentiments are not bribery!) – AW

    Monday, January 7 was a big day for me for two very different reasons. I turned 22, officially entering the time of my 20s where birthdays are no longer exciting and I began my first day of my internship here at Metropolis. I will have to say the latter was much more thrilling.

    The morning started off with a tour of the office followed by a brainstorming session the group always does at the beginning of the week. It was interesting to see how ideas come together during these meetings and how a collaborative effort makes all the difference. Afterward, I was put to work with my first intern tasks. Everything I’ve been assigned to work on so far has helped me grow as a student interested in the advertising and marketing industry. No boring and pointless ‘busy work’ here! Metropolis “ain’t got time for that!”

    Today marks the sixth day of my internship at Metropolis and I’ve never been more excited to wake up at 6:30 a.m. and fight morning traffic three days a week up until now. I look forward to every day of my internship because I get to sit at a fancy desk with an incredibly comfy chair in a beautiful, decked out


    Get Real!

    Posted: 04/05/2012 Author Alicia

    Most of us here at Metropolis will readily admit to a few ‘reality show guilty pleasures.’ With the breadth of topics out there, it was just a matter of time before someone came out with a show about advertising agencies. “The Pitch” premiers this month on AMC – It’s basically a behind-the-scenes look at two competing agencies facing off to pitch for the same account, complete with all the melodrama and infighting that keeps us tuned in.

    There’s been a lot of press lately about the “big agencies” shying away from the show. The reason: they don’t want to reveal their proprietary methods (the dreaded “Secret Sauce” phrase. Urgh).

    Please! There is no “secret formula” to good work. What we enjoy about our jobs is the challenge of solving a client’s problems, identifying what makes them unique and communicating it clearly. There are many ways to go about this, and everyone has their own ways of getting there, but effective creative stems from good ideas.

    So, while you won’t be tuning in to see anyone from Metropolis flipping tables or racing through the back roads of Budapest on your flat screen anytime soon, you’re more than welcome to stop by and take part in a brainstorming session with us. We have a pretty good time and generally come up with some great inspiration. What’s in our “secret sauce?” Bad jokes and caffeine, for starters!

    Here’s a link to a sneak preview of “The Pitch.”

    Just for giggles, match your favorite


    Let’s Get Social!

    Posted: 02/29/2012 Author Alicia

    Often when meeting with clients, we hear a familiar statement: “We know we need to be on Facebook, but we don’t really know how to get started or why we should be there.”

    Social media is much more than Facebook. It’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube…. The list goes on. Do you need an account with each one of these sites? Probably not. Can selecting a few and doing a good job of maintaining them help grow your business? Most definitely.

    We see the mind-blowing stats every day:

    -    If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world

    -    24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute

    -    More than 36 million people visit LinkedIn each month

    -    Pinterest has over 10.4 million registered users and counting

    Social media is a Christmas present to savvy marketers, wrapped in shiny red paper with a beautiful bow on top. It allows you to speak directly to your target market with a minimal investment.

    Already have a loyal group of followers? Social media can keep them engaged and even make them ambassadors for your business.

    Looking to grow your business? Affordably reach your target market in a comfortable environment. Control the message and tailor it to meet your goals.

    How do you get started? That’s where we come in. We’ll take a look at your marketing goals, analyze any existing social media accounts and make recommendations on how you can make social media an active tool that helps


    Click to it.

    Posted: 01/26/2012 Author Kevin


    From everything I’ve read and from trends posted for 2012…two main thoughts seem consistent.

    One: Prepare now.

    The economy is improving and those businesses who are prepared will ride the incoming tide. As everyone has impatiently waited out this dour, sour economy, there will be a mad rush for every spending consumer. The time is now to build momentum in your marketplace. There won’t be an opportunity to ramp up later. Your competitors will have already made eye contact with your consumer.

    “As the economy improves, businesses will have more chances to improve sales and profits. New technologies and marketing tools are constantly discovered, making more exciting to promote today than before. But just the same, trust, value, and good branding is crucial. You need to adapt now to the changes and improvements in order to get ahead of your competitions.” writes M. Killian, ezinearticles.com.

    Two: Click to it.

    Of the advertising trends posted for 2012, the majority, if not all have to do with myriad (yes, probably 10,000) electronic/new media opportunities. Whether it be a corporate blog or SEO website – paid, social and earned media are replacing traditional media as the foundation of a successful company’s marketing plan. Traditional media (television, radio, print), while not obsolete, is now viewed as more of a targeted support directing consumers to localized internet marketing. Take a look around. Doesn’t it seem there is a smart phone in just