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    Beardvertising: A New Form of Advertising

    Posted: 05/29/2013 Author Amber

    After a 10-day hiatus from my internship and the city of Orlando, I’ve returned from my road trip to St. Louis and Chicago and am back in action. Everyone loves a nice break from reality but I’m happy to be back in the “Sunshine State.”

    As I was browsing some of my favorite websites for interesting industry-related news, I came across a very peculiar marketing strategy developed by Kentucky advertising agency, Cornett-IMS. Introducing Beardvertising! Created by Whit Hiler of Cornett-IMS, Beardvertising involves people with awesome beards to get paid up to five dollars a day for hanging a BeardBoard, which is a mini-billboard clip, in their beard. Yes, this is real. So far A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive are using Beardvertising. Maybe some of the men of Metropolis will consider joining the Beardvertising network. After all, look how snazzy they look with beards!




    Check out the Beardvertising website to learn more.