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    Keep it Real

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Amber

    Last month, Thai communications provider TrueMove H released a truly touching commercial that plays out like a short-film rather than a typical advertisement. The three-minute ad follows the story of a young boy caught stealing medicine for his sick mother and a kind man who pays for the stolen goods to keep him out of trouble. Fast forward some time, the kind man falls ill and is in the hospital racking up some steep medical bills. The one who does the saving this time is the same boy, now a doctor, who covers the costs. It ends with the TrueMove H logo and a simple message: “Giving is the best communication.”
    If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! View it here!

    When watching it, we don’t realize right away we’re actually watching an advertisement. We become so immersed in the story that we’re almost caught off guard when the logo appears at the very end. This seems to be a trend lately among major brands, and I like the approach a lot. The latest GoPro commercial, also released last month, is made entirely of real footage of a fireman reviving an injured kitten after a house fire. Google’s most recent commercial features the story of Saroo Brierley and his journey to finding his Indian hometown using Google Earth 25 years after he was orphaned at a train station. You wouldn’t know it was an ad for Google until the logo flashes at the very end. Watch it here.

    People trust the opinions of other people, and that trust influences the decisions made when it comes time to purchase a product or service. And as consumers, if we are able to identify better with the people or ideas presented to us in advertisements, that’s when we envision ourselves with the product or service - much more effective than the clichéd stock photo or commercial actor. Keepin’ it real will you get farther!


    Out with the old, in with the new

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Amber

    Yahoo is making headlines this morning, not for anything as juicy as Miley Cyrus’ recent VMA performance, but for its newly updated logo which is causing quite the uproar. The company unveiled its new mark on Tumblr at midnight on Thursday after 18 years of sporting the same funky logo, minus a minor update to it in 2009. The crowd reaction isn’t one of applause, but mostly of boos - consumers say the logo does not impress.

    The new logo seems to be inspired by the font Optima Regular and is styled with a slight beveled effect, thinner and more modern looking than the previous one.

    We took to a vote here at Metropolis to see if the new Yahoo logo or the old one was preferred. Most of us agreed with the majority of the Internet that the new logo isn’t anything amazing but a couple of us did agree that it has some nice qualities to it too. I wonder if Yahoo will stay strong and hold their ground with their new logo choice or take it all back like Gap did in 2010?


    Beardvertising: A New Form of Advertising

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Amber

    After a 10-day hiatus from my internship and the city of Orlando, I’ve returned from my road trip to St. Louis and Chicago and am back in action. Everyone loves a nice break from reality but I’m happy to be back in the “Sunshine State.”

    As I was browsing some of my favorite websites for interesting industry-related news, I came across a very peculiar marketing strategy developed by Kentucky advertising agency, Cornett-IMS. Introducing Beardvertising! Created by Whit Hiler of Cornett-IMS, Beardvertising involves people with awesome beards to get paid up to five dollars a day for hanging a BeardBoard, which is a mini-billboard clip, in their beard. Yes, this is real. So far A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive are using Beardvertising. Maybe some of the men of Metropolis will consider joining the Beardvertising network. After all, look how snazzy they look with beards!




    Check out the Beardvertising website to learn more.


    Introducing Google Business Photos and the Buddy Cup

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Amber

    One of my duties as an intern is updating the Metropolis team on the latest buzz and trends in this ever-changing digital world - keeping everyone ‘in the know.’ This week I stumbled across these two great finds that I couldn’t help but share:

    By now, everyone knows about Google Street View, which gives us the ability to view places and roadways through a 360-degree panoramic imagery view. Google Business Photos now brings us the power to step inside businesses and get a tour with the same awesome 360-degree view. But some companies had a little too much fun with the ability to give viewers a tour of their place and staged shocking and confusing scenes to be photographed. Check out what this British creative agency called Ideas By Music did: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/man-killed-and-stuffed-down-toilet-ad-agency-google-photos-suggest-149052. Creepy right?

    Dreams just came true for Facebook users who wanted an easier way to up their friend count while out at the bar. Budweiser Brazil recently introduced its Buddy Cup, a cup with a built-in chip that connects to your Facebook profile and sends a friend request to that person you toast and clink cups with. So now it’s even easier for random strangers to gain access to your Facebook life! But don’t fret, this hasn’t made its way overseas to the U.S. just yet.
    Read more about the Buddy Cup here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2013/04/budweisers-buddy-cup-bump-beers-become-buds-on-facebook/