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    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Kevin


    From everything I’ve read and from trends posted for 2012…two main thoughts seem consistent.

    One: Prepare now.

    The economy is improving and those businesses who are prepared will ride the incoming tide. As everyone has impatiently waited out this dour, sour economy, there will be a mad rush for every spending consumer. The time is now to build momentum in your marketplace. There won’t be an opportunity to ramp up later. Your competitors will have already made eye contact with your consumer.

    “As the economy improves, businesses will have more chances to improve sales and profits. New technologies and marketing tools are constantly discovered, making more exciting to promote today than before. But just the same, trust, value, and good branding is crucial. You need to adapt now to the changes and improvements in order to get ahead of your competitions.” writes M. Killian, ezinearticles.com.

    Two: Click to it.

    Of the advertising trends posted for 2012, the majority, if not all have to do with myriad (yes, probably 10,000) electronic/new media opportunities. Whether it be a corporate blog or SEO website – paid, social and earned media are replacing traditional media as the foundation of a successful company’s marketing plan. Traditional media (television, radio, print), while not obsolete, is now viewed as more of a targeted support directing consumers to localized internet marketing. Take a look around. Doesn’t it seem there is a smart phone in just about everyone’s hands? Mobile devices now account for a higher CTR (click through rate) than desktop computers. These advancements can directly connect you with your market.

    Per Business News Daily: …the survey also confirmed what might have been easy to guess: while PC browsing peaks during business hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., mobile browsing soars during the evenings. Mobile click-through rates also reach their peak during the evening, but mobile devices still maintain a higher CTR than PCs at any time of the day.

    “Mobile is proving to be one of the most financially rewarding formats in the media mix,” said Gal Trifon, president and CEO of MediaMind. “This is most likely the result of mobile ads being a new experience for many users, and that they occupy a larger portion of the screen as compared to browser ads.”

    So back to the economy. It’s no longer wishful thinking that the economy is improving. There’s tangible evidence. While the pace might not be meteoric, it is happening. So let’s prepare together.

    After all, no one likes to be the last one invited to the party.