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    Are You For Real?

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Brent

    Are you for real?

    With the advent of fake news, knock off shoes and shrinking brand loyalty, never before has being real to your customers been so important. Real is more than just fulfilling the obligatory…“thank you come again”. Its building trust, confidence and value in everything you do. Think long-term in each transaction…

    Deliver on your promise

    Never over promise—instead over deliver

    Provide quality products and services

    Back up your products and services with reasonable guarantees with a focus on customer satisfaction

    Don’t follow the leader…be original, different, unique

    Never mislead in your marketing materials and advertising message

    Take complaints seriously and act on them immediately

    Keep your inventory or services fresh and up-to-date

    Follow these basics of business and you’ll always have real customers at your door.



    Spam it!

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Brent

    Usually around this time of year, we proudly share our annual ranking on the OBJ’s Top Advertising Agencies list. We’ve been ranked in the top 10 pretty consistently for a number of years.
    Until now. No, we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, we’re still here in College Park, working away and enjoying the view of Lake Concord. And no, the agency hasn’t been sold to the highest bidder by one of our auctioneer clients. Far less exciting….the call for entries was tagged as ‘spam’ and was lost in the great abyss otherwise known as the Outlook Spam Folder.
    Yep, the true spam e-mails hawking the 30-Day Cleanse, Nursing Degrees and Match.com make it through about 30% of the time, but unfortunately one we look forward to every year did not.
    So just a post to say ‘hi,’ in case you missed us and to let you know to look for us in the Book of Lists this winter (the kind folks at OBJ have offered to let us submit our entry so we can be properly counted).


    Pets, Our Salvation?

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Brent

    Recently I lost a family pet. It was tragic and made a huge impact on me.

    Now that I have had some time to heal, I have become retrospective of the whole process. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the opportunity to share our lives with these wonderful creatures? The unquestioning love, the silly tricks, the cookie obsession, they all weave a rich and complex relationship with our psyche.

    Sometimes we question if a pet is worth it with a torn up, expensive shoe or another puddle on the carpet, but these are small prices to pay for the rewards we get back.

    Pets are good for the human condition, we have lived side by side with animals from the dawn of time and for good reason, that makes us whole.

    I’m all about ROI– Return on Investment…If you have the time, resources and compassion to invest in a pet, I guarantee the return will be great.

    Adopt a pet, save life. Who knows? You may even live longer too.

    Thanks Thor…miss you.



    Politics as usual…

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Brent

    As another political year is well underway, I just wanted to share some thoughts. We can never forget that all the posturing, all the clamoring for attention, all the advertising being spent is about one thing only…you.

    It has never been more important that we as individuals take the time to get involved in the election process. Volunteer, communicate your feelings, educate yourself and take action…VOTE.

    Washington is counting on the vast majority of Americans to sit on the sidelines and not care. Freedom and the political process is a right of every American, it is also a responsibility and a civic duty.
    Remember, if you don’t get involved and take action, your frustration for the process or distain for a particular politician means nothing. It’s about issues and our future.


    Here’s to putting an X where your mouth is.



    16 Years in the Making….

    Posted:03/14/2012 Author Brent

    Thanks for checking out Metropolis’ new website. We’re super excited about everything that is going on here at the agency and are ready for 2012 to be a banner year.

    Our new website will help you keep up to date on all the things going on. You’ll find new blogs, personality profiles, agency news and a whole lot of examples of how we solve problems for our clients.

    So tell your friends, tell your plumber, the new site is up and better than ever.

    Props to all of our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Many thanks.